Youtube Channel Description :: Updated! [2010 June 20th]

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Youtube Channel Description :: Updated! [2010 June 20th]

Post by TNaismith on Sun 20 Jun 2010, 9:37 pm

Youtube Channel Description :: Updated!

*3:33 AM right now....ugggghhzzz >.<;* Just letting people know that the clan description for the youtube channel has been updated. Took me soooo long to write up everything and to get things organized. It's a very careful word game you have to play when choosing what to write on a video channel. I hope in due time we can make any necessary tweaks/fixes as necessary.

DeoX, the leader of our community's graphics team *should* be working on some graphical backgrounds + an avatar for our channel. It'll be awesome stuff if he gets around to it sometime, I'm sure of it. =D

Other than that, I'll be working on writing descriptions for the two videos currently uploaded on the channel. I hope to get that done perhaps in the next two days or so. (I don't care if anyone doesn't like what I've written right now. I'm the current boss *until Hunt3r comes back in the summer ^^*, and this is how I want things to look. Once I'm no longer the clan-leader you guys can do as you like, but this is how it stays while I'm in charge.)


I must....go to sleep...I *3:37 AM*

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Re: Youtube Channel Description :: Updated! [2010 June 20th]

Post by DieOrFail on Fri 30 Jul 2010, 8:08 am

This is great, TN! Sorry, I don't know why I missed this topic since more than a week...
Great description, thank you so much!


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