Dr. Davidicus Wong: Time to acknowledge your 'double life'

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Dr. Davidicus Wong: Time to acknowledge your 'double life'

Post by TNaismith on Fri 11 Jun 2010, 5:02 pm

My mom sends me weekly articles written by a man named Dr. Davidicus Wong. She found his articles on the internet and since then has forwarded them onto me and my sister every week. His articles talk about different life lessons, as well as sharing his experiences/thoughts on keeping a healthy life, making life meaningful, how to nurture positive relationships, some ways to deal with emotional problems, and how to overall appreciate life each day. I find his writings very inspiring, and they definitely are one of the things I use to remind myself what is important in life, and how to make it meaningful for myself, as well as others -- in a positive way. I share them with you in hopes maybe a few of you might also enjoy reading them. I'll do my best to post them each week, and I'll try to post older ones too if I can. All credits and ownership go to Dr. Davidicus Wong. I do not take any credits or ownership for what he has written, I am just sharing it with my fellow friends here in the The Hunterz community. ^.^

Notes about this article: I really liked this one. =) It definitely applies to us gamers because we lead sometimes very different lives on the internet than in RL (for some people at least ^^). I believe that many things he says in this article is very true and important to understand in life. Basically there are different parts of your life people know. The world knows one, your family might see another, and then there might be the part of your life only you know -- and nobody else does. In this article he explains the importance of knowing that each of us has the power to change our own lives in a positive way if we don't like how it is turning out. I won't spoil it all though, so go ahead and start reading. ^^ I have highlighted in orange the very inspirational parts that I feel is true and important to me. I hope it might help you. =) Take care! ^^

Time to acknowledge your 'double life'

Dr. Davidicus Wong May 28, 2010

Your family and others who see you often have stable images of who you are. They know how you dress, how you talk and how you act. They could predict how you would react in a variety of situations. They think they know you well.

You might, too.

But what if you acted out of character?

If you are known as an easygoing, perhaps even passive person, what would they think if you stood your ground and spoke up when someone was pushing you around? If you're seen as impatient and explosive, what if you started reflecting before acting and gave an uncharacteristically measured response?

The news tells us of previously quiet people going postal and high school loners lashing out against their peers. Later, we learn of their underlying psychopathology and rage.

Sometimes, we hear of individuals acting out of character in positive ways--ex-cons renouncing their previous lifestyles and making positive contributions to society.

Who are the real people? The characters others assumed them to be, or the selves acting out?
And if you acted out or exploded out of character, does this reflect the real you--your hidden demons or strengths, sides of yourself long repressed, your unresolved conflicts, desires or frustrations?
When children act out, their actions do not necessarily reflect their real selves. In fact, there may be no reflection at all. They may be overwhelmed with emotion--anger, frustration or sadness. If these feelings were addressed before reaching their boiling points, their responses would be more appropriate.
When adults are burned out, when their relationships are conflicted, or when they are clinically depressed, they can explode in unpredictable ways. The response of acting out might not be reflective of the immediate situation. The response itself may simply be a symptom of deeper underlying challenges.

Sometimes, acting out can be a wake-up call or a meditation gong. When we find ourselves doing things we normally don't, we may awaken to feelings and deep psychosocial issues previously out of our conscious awareness.

If your life is not what you want it to be, you have a choice. You can continue to live a life of quiet desperation and risk exploding and acting out in unpredictable, socially inconvenient ways.

Or you can acknowledge your double life--the you that you and the world are accustomed to, and the complete individual hidden from view, aching to be expressed and to feel fulfilled.

I've written about our life stories and how we are all co-authors of these stories. The tale we tell ourselves day after day may empower or limit our hearts and our minds. They can restrict our potential or they can inspire us.

We must continually review, revise and rewrite our own stories. We have to give up and let go of anything that holds us back from growing and achieving our emotional potentials and our potential for happiness. This may mean letting go of the old stories of past resentments and suffering, of our own mistakes, and the harm caused by others.

We must each take up the calling to reflect, recreate and rediscover our true selves. As with the act of writing fiction, the creation of your real life is an act of discovery. You must be authentic--true to yourself, your values and your emotions.

To break out is to express yourself; you may not have chosen the song or the key, but as with jazz, you can still improvise and play the music as only you could. To break out is to sound your voice, loud and clear, and to tell your own story.

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