Expectations of the Community Video/Media Discussion

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Expectations of the Community Video/Media Discussion

Post by TNaismith on Wed 09 Jun 2010, 6:37 pm

Expectations of the Community Video/Media Discussion

The Inspiration of Art.

Here in this community, we value unique talents, and the freedom to post your own works of art in a friendly, supportive, and respectful environment. While we will not tolerate any art that seeks to promote racism, discrimination, hatred, or negative and derogatory thoughts of any kind, we will seek to provide and maintain an atmosphere constructive, and supportive of each artist inside of us.

Failure to respect others works, by posting repeatedly harmful or insulting remarks, or comments that serve no purpose but to put down and condemn others, will be deleted with no warning. Similarly, users that abuse their rights as a member of this community and do not respect others inspiration and works of art will be considered for harsh removal and punishment from the community.

Everyone is an artist. Each person has the ability, power, creative imagination inspiration to express their deepest thoughts and dreams into visual art that others can see and experience. Here at TH, we respect that trait we all possess, and we encourage every single one of you to consider participating and getting involved with the art community here in TH. Making art is a way of expression, and personal growth. Sharing it with others can give you strength and motivation to continue expressing yourself through art.

We welcome you to realm of art, where respect, maturity, friendship, and community can help you share your creative imagination and limitless possibility.

The Expectations

With that said, there are a set of standards and clear expectations that are to be followed at all times within any of the sub-forums in the Graphics Section of the website, and in any art, or comment that you make or share. If you are found to be breaking the trust we have of you through these expectations, you will be punished accordingly. Be friendly and nice!

If you do not take the time to read this section, understand it, and follow it, you will still be subject to punishment if you are found to be breaking or violating any of these expectations.

1. No hurtful comments or images can be posted in these forums
2. No offensive racism, discrimination, or forms of hate can be posted
3. When commenting, be constructive, offer supportive feedback
4. Show through your comments that you appreciate the artist sharing his/her work with the community
5. Understand that each work of art is unique, and deserves respect and value
6. Understand that mustering the courage and bravery for some people to come out and share one's art is an extremely special success and rare privilege to be apart of

Follow these expectations, and be apart of the special comradrie and social connection that art and the sharing of art can bring to everyone; whether you are an artist, or the audience. Art has something special for everyone, and we here at TH seek to promote this understanding and connection.

Follow the expectations at all times, and participate in the inspiration, creativity, and imagination of art!


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