Dr. Davidicus Wong: Don't hide from your true self

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Dr. Davidicus Wong: Don't hide from your true self

Post by TNaismith on Mon 24 May 2010, 12:35 am

My mom sends me weekly articles written by a man named Dr. Davidicus Wong. She found his articles on the internet and since then has forwarded them onto me and my sister every week. His articles talk about different life lessons, as well as sharing his experiences/thoughts on keeping a healthy life, making life meaningful, how to nurture positive relationships, some ways to deal with emotional problems, and how to overall appreciate life each day. I find his writings very inspiring, and they definitely are one of the things I use to remind myself what is important in life, and how to make it meaningful for myself, as well as others -- in a positive way. I share them with you in hopes maybe a few of you might also enjoy reading them. I'll do my best to post them each week, and I'll try to post older ones too if I can. All credits and ownership go to Dr. Davidicus Wong. I do not take any credits or ownership for what he has written, I am just sharing it. ^.^

Notes about this article: ^^ Another article that I forgot to post up. As much as the title sounds corny, there are some good points he makes for understanding that just because we don't like something about ourselves, doesn't mean we can't change or improve for the better. We always have the choice to shape our own destiny, future, and life when we don't like it.

Don't hide from your true self

Dr. Davidicus Wong Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who is the real you? What do your actions say to others - and you? In recent columns, I have written about how, as parents, we influence our children more by our words and actions than our lectures. We cannot hide our true selves from our families. Nor can we believe in one thing and do the opposite in our daily work. We each ought to live lives consistent with our best values.

When we don't, we may not like what we see. Perhaps that's why most of us don't look. We continue to travel along the same path, out of habit or in reflex to what we encounter in our day-to-day lives.

When we look at our past choices or even our behaviour today, we may not like what we see. How have we treated others? How have we allowed others to treat us? How do we treat our bodies? What does this tell us about how we respect others and how we respect ourselves?

One of the greatest human challenges is to accept our past and to forgive others for what they have done to us - to let go of that which keeps us from growing and fulfilling the promise of our individual potentials. Others may have harmed us when we were most vulnerable through their own unthinking actions, and they may regret their actions. Some have harmed us with malice and deliberation and remain unrepentant still. They carry on in their own lives, but their actions have left their mark in our psyches. To let go of the trauma of the past in order to achieve our potential for happiness in the future requires an act of love - a deeper love of oneself.

Greater still can be the challenge of forgiving ourselves for the mistakes we have made. We are all human and imperfect. We have all made poor choices, but in the past, we did and said what we did, knowing only what we knew and being who we were at the time.

We habitually relate to others according to our old patterns. We may think of ourselves as unchanging. But we are not. One certainty in life is change - in our circumstances, in our relationships and in ourselves.Yes, you are what you do and what you say, yet you are not done; you are an evolving and unfinished work of art, and you are the artist. You may not have chosen the canvas - your past, your circumstances and the events of your life - or your paints - your talents and the resources at hand - yet you hold the brush. Let your strokes be deliberate. Let them express your true self. No matter what has happened before, your life can still be beautiful.

It begins with a willingness to look deeply at your past and present, asking what it all says about you and what you stand for. This requires humility and self-acceptance, but to move forward requires self-responsibility and a recognition of your choice from this moment on. What will you do differently? How shall my actions today reflect my authentic self?

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Re: Dr. Davidicus Wong: Don't hide from your true self

Post by Adam Shootyperson on Mon 24 May 2010, 6:59 am

I love reading these articles <3
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