Friday, April 23, 2010 Dr. Davidicus Wong: Stop flying through life on autopilot

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Friday, April 23, 2010 Dr. Davidicus Wong: Stop flying through life on autopilot

Post by TNaismith on Sun 25 Apr 2010, 3:08 am

My mom sends me weekly articles written by a man named Dr. Davidicus Wong. She found his articles on the internet and since then has forwarded them onto me and my sister every week. His articles talk about different life lessons, as well as sharing his experiences/thoughts on keeping a healthy life, making life meaningful, how to nurture positive relationships, some ways to deal with emotional problems, and how to overall appreciate life each day. I find his writings very inspiring, and they definitely are one of the things I use to remind myself what is important in life, and how to make it meaningful for myself, as well as others -- in a positive way. I share them with you in hopes maybe a few of you might also enjoy reading them. I'll do my best to post them each week, and I'll try to post older ones too if I can. All credits and ownership go to Dr. Davidicus Wong. I do not take any credits or ownership for what he has written, I am just sharing it. ^.^

Stop flying through life on autopilot

Dr. Davidicus Wong Friday, April 23, 2010
Who is the real you? The thoughts you have of yourself, or how you act in the real world?
In my last column, I wrote of the responsibility of parenting and how we influence our children more by our words and actions than our intentional instruction. We cannot hide our true selves from our families.
We will be judged by the decisions we make. So instead of flying through our lives on autopilot, we ought to live more deliberately. Often we find ourselves in embarrassing and desperate situations that resulted from our own poor judgment. At times, we simply react in the heat of the moment, resulting in actions we may regret in sober retrospection.

We may then be perplexed or saddened by what our actions tell us about ourselves.
Exercise your freedom of choice. You cannot choose your circumstances, but you can choose to speak and act according to your values.

As busy adults with conflicting demands on our time, we may find the hours of the day filled without a sense of choice, but we ought to pause and reflect on the day's work. What occupies the hours of my day? What does this say about me?

You may spend 40 hours a week at work, and if you're a doctor, perhaps 70.
Ask yourself, through the work I do during this significant proportion of my life, am I living an authentic life? Does it reflect who I really am, who I want to be and what I believe in?

Most people believe they work to make a living, to make money to pay the bills and to keep food on the table. That sustains the body. Right livelihood sustains the soul. This is meaningful work that is aligned with your highest values.

My parents never asked us to be professionals. Rather, they insisted that each of us make an honest living: that is, work hard and in accordance with our values.

Do you work for a company or a person who is involved in illegal activity, doesn't pay their taxes or exploits others? Listen to your conscience. It's not enough to just make a living.
What preoccupies your heart and mind outside of work or school? When you're back home and with those closest to you, are your thoughts still on the job or in the classroom? Is this where you really want to be?

We may be working to support our families, but to our children, money is not enough. They require our attendance and attention. Consider the impression you are making on your children. What will they remember? Will they feel more loved than your work?

Earlier this year, my administrative position with the health authority required that I chair a crucial meeting the same evening that my son received an award at his high school all-star dinner. My heart was of course with my son, and my regrets reminded me to align my actions with my passions.
Ideally, what we choose to do with our precious time and energy ought to be our calling; that is, our gift to the world, the inspiration that will move us beyond our personal needs and desires. It can motivate us to get out of bed on Monday morning. It can sustain us through challenging times. Listen to your calling.

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