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TH Server!

Post by TNaismith on Wed 24 Mar 2010, 7:40 pm

TH Server!

That's right folks, TH officially has it's own server. Thanks to MarchRisker, now the Lead Server Admin, for helping to get it up and running. Doing in-depth research, a small crew of TH members developed a plan of action to purchase a high-quality server for public and clan-use. We have a new forum section setup, and you can view it here if you'd like to find out more about the rules, information, or settings for the server.

A hearty congratulations to all of TH and to those select few who made it happen. And so to celebrate this grand occasion, we will be hosting our FIRST ever practice on the new server this coming Sunday, on March 28th 2010 at 17 GMT. All TH Members are invited, and please DOWNLOAD TEAMSPEAK for the event.

Password is posted in the private forums, and this is a TH-only Practice, so no interruptions from outside clans or players. ^^ We'll be sure to host more public-friendly practices and PUGs in the future though, so stay-tuned! =) Come on out, have fun, be friendly, and have a good time! Good work TH on getting this far, having our own server is like taking one huge step to the moon! xD

~ Clan Management Team

Here are the details of the practice listed below:

Server: TH Server
Time: 17 GMT
Day: Sunday, March 28th 2010
Password: Password is posted in the private member forums

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