Clan + Forum Updates 2010 03-09

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Clan + Forum Updates 2010 03-09

Post by TNaismith on Wed 10 Mar 2010, 5:09 pm

Clan + Forum Updates 2010 03-09

Leadership Change

Hunt3r, our clan's leader for over four years and more, has sadly informed us he cannot maintain activity in Savage given the many other commitments in real life at the moment. An avid downhill biker, a ladies' man (Judging from certain pictures), an actor, and probably one of the most well-known players in the Savage Community for his dedicated leadership of TH over the years, he will be missed for many great memories and atmosphere he brought to the game, and the community.

As it stands, Hunt3r is officially on an 'undefined break' from Savage, but will drop in and out of the community, forums, and game from time to time. When he returns to TH, more ready than ever, Hunt3r will be happily welcomed back as the one and only true TH-leader.

In his stead, TNaismith will assume the responsibility and duties of clan-leader for the TH Community until Hunt3r resumes active duty.

Furthermore, Tomilion, and Adam Shootyperson have been promoted to full Clan Administrators to help expand and keep the clan operational. Rumo and DeoX will be promoted to JH Administrators.

We hope this substitution of leadership can fuel the dreams, spirit, and legacy of TH until Hunt3r returns. When your return Hunt3r, we'll be sure to throw a chiprel surprise party in your honor. We'll open a bottle of Oschore wine and welcome you back as our rightful slav--I mean leader...complete with a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-Hunt3r -- represented by an epic Predators vs one Nomad match.

~ Clan Management Team

New Forum Updates!

Over the last weeks many clan members have demonstrated amazing personality, talent, and community contribution via the forums, clan practices, and interaction with other fellow Savage players. Here at TH, we take to heart the different strengths, interests, and hobbies different clan members have from all walks of life. Some are skilled at graphical art, others possess a keen ability to command players in Savage to victory. A few have shown amazing ability to connect socially with other players in Savage on a friendly, and social level. Another group of members have demonstrated interests in discussing + sharing information about the strategic elements Savage offers as a game, and how to improve upon that as a team.

Whatever your strength may be, if you apply it here in TH to build friendly, social, fun, respectful, and amazing community, then you can be sure you will be given recognition and even more opportunities to show the world your passion and strengths.

And so without further ado, presented to you below are several new forum updates that reflect our member's interests, passions in light of building a better community for all of us here:

  • New 'Graphics Team' led by DeoX. These bright-minded members will work to bring fun, creative, and inspiring events to the TH Community that will encourage everyone to participate in the fun of making art, using your imagination, and sharing your work for all the world to see.
  • New 'Clan Commanders' group led by STRESS. With deep experience in the past history of TH, STRESS arises to lead the newly formed 'Clan Commanders' group. It's purpose is to officially identify the commanders of this clan for clanwars, practices, and trainings. In addition, their insight, knowledge, and wisdom will be used to train new clan commanders -- and to also provide valuable perspective and voice on clan tactics and strategy. All from a commander's point of view and perspective.

In the coming months we hope to bring more opportunities and fun experiences for TH Members to step up and contribute to a meaningful experience here in the clan.

Some clans look at community as simply a tool to rack up wins, stats, glory, and other superficial titles. Here at TH, we look at community as an opportunity to form unforgettable memories of fun within a safe, respectful, and socially friendly environment. That is our goal, and we thank everyone in TH for helping get us to where we are. Lets see how far we can go!

~ Clan Management Team

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