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Clan Rules

Post by TNaismith on Thu 25 Jun 2009, 7:20 am

The Hunterz aim to be a competitive and active Savage Clan, but we also heavily encourage a positive atmosphere based on respect, communication, teamwork, friendship, and a feeling to treat each other with kindness. Unless you earn the right for us to name you a jerk, every single person deserves to be treated nicely.

The following rules apply to the entire clan. It is up to each member to stay up-to-date with the rules and the rules must be obeyed by all clan-members. Violation of these rules will result in severe punishment, and a possible kick or ban from the clan. Similarly, you may also be removed entirely from the forums and website. Don't be a jerk, and The Hunterz will always be happy to have you on our team.

:: Clan Rules ::

#1. Be active.
The Hunterz are a competitive clan. We don't expect you to be all the time, and we understand everyone has a real life. If you can log in at least twice a day on the forums, play Savage for at least 10 hours every week, then your activity will be fine. We will also hold monthly activity check-ups. Clan-members that fail to post in the Activity Check-Ups will be prone to be moved to the inactive status.

#2. Be nice. Show good behavior.
This is important to staying in the clan. We don't like to have jerks or negative players here, and we are not afraid to kick them and remove them from the clan. When you talk to others be friendly and have a respectful manner. When in-game say 'good game' and offer friendly conversation to other players. Show others that you respect other's opintions, and maybe offer a complement. Finding the good in others can help you become a more friendly person--and more people will want to be with you. That being said, if you are a jerk, then don't expect anyone to be nice to you.

#3. Be willing to learn and train.
Here at The Hunterz teamwork and communication is important. To get better, you need to have an attitude willing to learn from other experienced members, and to train together at least once a month. The more you allow yourself to learn and train, the better team-player you will become when it comes to clan-wars. We value having fun and doing our best at clan-wars, and learning and training together with the clan is what allows us to connect and help each other get better. That my friend, is teamwork.

#4. No multi-clanning or Clan-Hopping.
This one is obvious. If we ever find out your multi-clanning, or are known to hop from clan to clan with little loyalty, you'll be kicked and punished severely. If we catch you being a multi-clanner or clan-hopper in your application, you probably won't even be accepted.

#5. Take initiative. Participate in the community.
The Hunterz will always be a place for change and fun. You can get more fun out of being in the clan by participating and connecting with clan-members outside the game. Chat about sports, funny videos on the forums. Share strategies, tactics, maps, and ideas for clan-wars on the forums. Make graphics art, signatures, banners, and pictures to enhance the forum and clan image. Relax and just chat and get to know other members of the clan. Be friendly and share new ideas you think can benefit the clan. How much fun you have in this clan depends on how much effort and energy you put into it. Participate and get involved. Even just chatting on the forums once a week will get you more fun than just remaining silent. Join the community today!

Important Note: These rules can be changed or altered at any time by the clan management. It is up to every member of The Hunterz to know these rules, and follow it as long as they are in the clan. Thank you for joining our community, we hope to have a lots of fun together with you as a team.

Thank you,
Clan Management

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