Migrating from SFE/SEP 3T to XR

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Migrating from SFE/SEP 3T to XR

Post by Ulquiorra on Thu 29 Oct 2009, 12:57 am

Under construcion

Need to do 1 essay before this :O

what will aim to cover

I ) migrating binds

II ) User information
1)Goto SEP/SFE install location, this can be found by right clicking your shortcut and then open file location
For example is mine:-

2)Goto Game folder

3) Locate the file cdkey, this holds your cd key and account information (dont worry savage no longer uses the cd key feature)

This is a Text file cut it and then locate the install older for XR

4) Goto your game folder for XR
C:\Program Files\Savage XR (Guide)\game
Paste the CD key file

(Vista requires admin mode)

5) Your account has now been migrated, no problems should occur

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