Clan Roles and Responsibilities: Officers

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Clan Roles and Responsibilities: Officers

Post by TNaismith on Sat 24 Oct 2009, 4:32 pm

Greetings TH,

We have decided to implement a new tier of responsibility/opportunities to lead and participate in the clan. We present to you the level of Clan Officers. Officers in the clan will be divided in multiple roles and duties. As Clan Officers, these members will be bound to the Clan Rules and will also seek to support the objectives and goals of the clan through the execution of specific roles and responsibilities in a field of interest. As we introduce these Officer roles, we will make a decision whether to open application for the role up to the members of the clan, or we may choose to specifically appoint people that appear to best fit the job. Clan Officers will uphold a level of responsibility in the clan. It is not recommended to apply for the position if you do not feel you can commit yourself to carrying out it's roles and responsibilities.

Clan Officer roles are here for those with commitment, spirit, time, and a willingness to get involved to be able to contribute to the clan through specific roles and responsibilities that will help flesh out the clan in various aspects of management and maintenance. These roles are to provide you with opportunities to get involved, and become a further contributing member of the clan. If you wish to apply, be sure to read the expectations and roles of each position carefully. We will be asking you whether you have read the expectations that Clan Officers in general are expected to carry out, as well as whether you understand and have read the specific responsibilities of the specific Clan Officer role you are applying for.

This informational document was made on October 23rd, 2009. This document will be eventually posted on the public website for for all to see. Future changes or additions may or may not be posted in this topic. Be sure to keep up-to-date with the roles and responsibilities of Officers and their specific roles when they are announced.

Thank you, and we hope this will bring a new level of involvement to the clan and community.

~Clan Management

Clan Roles and Responsibilities


This role falls into a category of status slightly above Veteran Clan Members, but below Administrators, and perhaps Moderators as well. Officers of the clan hold specific roles within a respective category. Each specific Officer role will have it’s own set of expectations, requirements, and goals. While each role is different, what holds them all together is the fact they are all distinct roles of the Officer level. In this clan, having an Officer-oriented position means you have a specific responsibility, duty, and commitment to the clan within a specified category of the clan. Below are the following details that all Officers in the clan must abide by, regardless of their role-specific requirements and guidelines:

1. -- All Officers must be active on the forums on a minimal basis of one post per week. Preferably visiting the forums at least two times a week (Where posting each time they visit will confirm their activity). In the most favorable circumstance, they will regularly maintain a high level of forum activity by being involved with clan discussions ideas, feedback, announcements, and updates. Clan meetings will also be mandatory for Officers.

2. – All Officers will undergo a period of ‘Training’ for each of their specific task/roles. During this period, they will unofficially receive the status of ‘Officer-IT’, which stands for ‘Officer-In Training’. Upon successful demonstration that they have learned the specifics of the Officer role they have been given, they will be promoted to the official status of ‘Clan Officers’. Once in the full responsibility of their role, Officers will be granted access to the ‘Veteran/Staff Council Forum’.

3. – All Officers must maintain a regular overall activity in game. A minimum will be asked that you play at least once a week. You are expected to appear and support the clan by demonstrating attendance at Clanwars, Funwars, and Training Sessions.

4. – All Officers are expected to adhere and uphold the Clan Rules. In further demonstration of their loyalty, understanding, and commitment to the clan, Officers are expected to uphold the virtues of respect, friendship, tolerance, fairness, inclusion, fun, and maturity in their conduct and actions in the community. This extends to posting in other forum communities relating to the game, as well as behavior in game on public servers and duel servers.

5. – All Officers are subject to removal from their position at the sole decision of the clan leadership. Violation of the Clan Rules, the expectations of an Officer, or a failure to act in the appropriate manner and attitude that befits an Officer of the clan will be dealt with through demotion and removal from their position.

6. -- All Officers will be subject to evaluation and review. Every 3 months of the year, all Officers will undergo reflection and evaluation of their success and ability to carry out their role. Discussions, reflection, and communication between the clan leadership and Officers will determine whether the Officers currently in place are serving to the best of their ability. Non-Officer Members of the clan will also be able to provide input and feedback on an Officer's performance over the last period of 3 months. If an Officer successfully passes evaluation and receives a positive review from the clan, and clan leadership, then they will have the freedom to stay in their role and serve for another period of 3 months. If an Officer chooses to step down, or is deemed incapable of upholding their responsibility at the time of evaluation and review, a new Officer will be trained to take on the responsibility.

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