Welcome to bbog!

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Welcome to bbog!

Post by TNaismith on Fri 16 Oct 2009, 1:51 am

Welcome to bbog!

The newest member to our family, bbog has endured the days of trial and emerged as full-member of the clan. His friendly spirit in-game can bring a grin to your face, and his ability to communicate quickly when spoken to will leave you no doubt that he is willing to use teamwork and work together when the situation demands it.

To bbog we extend a warm welcome, and we hope that you will find a good place to use your abilities, strength, and personality to help create a better environment and fun place to play Savage in. Friendship, respect, maturity, ethics, understanding, kindness and compassion are just some of the things we value strongly in this clan. We hope you will also contribute to our vision of a more friendly and fun place to play Savage in.

Congratulations bbog. We look forward to the good times with you.

~The Hunterz

In other news

In other news, a lot of things have happened since the last announcement, but once again there is very little space to say them all, so I'll have to pick and choose the most important updates to share.

  • Brand new XR Section! -- With a strong passion for the XR Development mod going on at newerth.com, our very own Ulquiorra has been recognized for his enthusiasm and activity in XR's development by being given the role of head administrator and XR Specialist of The Hunterz. In addition, he now personally oversees the management and update of information about XR in the 'XR Section' of the forums. You can click the link below to check out what has been posted most recently:

    [Click Here: XR Section]

  • Dueling Championships Forum -- Bringing his personal interest in the finer aspects and fun game play that Savage has to offer, Feathers, former member of TH, has been working on a project that brings together players from different clans to compete against one another in fun-oriented 1 vs 1 duels that are recorded and reported back to Feathers which are then taken into account for the ladder he has made for the Championships.

    With agreement on both sides of the coin, TH and Feathers have worked out a possibility that using the TH Forums, Feathers can manage and oversee a sub-forum dedicated entirely to the Dueling Championships. As moderator of that forum, Feathers will be free to use this as a main base of operations to organize the Dueling Championships. If he ends up expanding the project to bigger scales, then there will obviously be upgrades for him to choose from, and it is with our best hope that perhaps the Dueling Championships can be something more widely popular and successful in the savage community. Here at TH, we're willing to help make that happen.

    Congratulations on your work Feathers, and we hope you'll do your best in this project and to make it fun for people to participate and play in.

    [url=http://thehunterz.forums1.net/dueling-championships-f38/[Click Here: Dueling Championships][/url]

  • Trial Clan Members -- After a round of discussion and brainstorming in the private forums of TH, we have decide to create a level of privacy for members of the JH Trial Clan. If you are now accepted as a Trial Clan Member, you will be given a specific forum rank identifying you as a Trial Clan Member, and you will also be given specific forum access to a forum designed only for other Trial Clan Members to talk to each other in.

    This is our little gift to those of you that pass the initial tests into JH, and we hope it will give you a little more reason to do your best to prove to us that you have the qualities and personality we look for in clan when recruiting new members. If you are declined, or accepted into TH, your access to the JH forum will be removed regardless.

  • Graphics? Graphics Forum! -- Finally, we have decided to open the doors to the world of art and graphics. Using suggestions from the community, we have created an entire category of forums to share graphics, signatures, banners, or just general artwork you have made, or that you wish to discuss and bring up for others to learn about.

    Art is a wonderful way of interaction, learning, expression, and beauty. Savage itself presents a fairly decent graphical system in which you can use as a foundation to create stunning banners, sigs, or general savage-related art.

    We also have sub-forums dedicated to graphics tutorials for those that want to learn, as well as a forum just for people to share any art they create using the most basic art program: Paint.

    Stop by and check the forum out, and see if you have anything to post up and share with us!

    [url=http://thehunterz.forums1.net/graphics-f30/[Click Here; Graphics Forum][/url]

There is a lot more that hasn't been mentioned, and even more that are still to come. Stay tuned to the community and check out for yourself what we're all about. Register for the forums and get involved today in our friendly community and fun atmosphere!

~The Hunterz

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