Savage Resurrection (Savage 3) by S2 Games, and NSL 7 happening!

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Savage Resurrection (Savage 3) by S2 Games, and NSL 7 happening!

Post by TNaismith on Fri 08 Apr 2016, 5:42 pm


Savage: Resurrection (Savage 3) -seemingly- confirmed by S2 Games!

Some exciting news arrived near the end of March over at, and particularly some very convincing posts/remarks from S2 Games staff that all but confirm a third game in the series is being worked on; and that Savage Resurrection (as it's being called from what I can dig up from their posts) is it.  

H3027 (also known as Tirza) created a topic back in September 2015 showing some screenshots of a post or two from the CEO of S2 Games, seen as 'S2GamesMaliken' in the shot.  Then, on Page 4 of the thread following closely after a post by Moxy (whom writes here that he has Maliken on Skype), this happens:,18035.msg197376.html#msg197376
S2Maliken wrote:
I am reading this thread.  Thanks for the link Moxy! Smile

Please keep the discussion alive.  If S2 were going to make a new game in the Savage series, what should it be?  What should it's core mechanics be?  What % like Savage 1, what % like Savage 2, anything new?

That's around the end of September 2015.  The thread goes on from September to around December with lots of discussion and speculation/suggestions/wishes/comments from the Savage community at large, and then quietly seems to die down sometime in January 2016.  But then starting just last month at the end of March 2016, a new slew of posts from S2 Games staff seems to have happened; including what looks like a promotional wallpaper/image for Savage: Resurrection showing a Predator 3d model rendered out, and the official S2 Games logo shown in the bottom left as well.  There was even another Reddit posting/link too!  S2Jesse also makes an appearance (later confirming he was originally the lead designer of Savage: The Battle for Newerth, as well as co-founder and art director of S2 Games) just a few posts later the next day, writing that:,18035.msg199114.html#msg199114
s2jesse wrote:Hey guys,

We are still keeping everything pretty hush hush but I just wanted to say  hi and  that I feel very confident you will be pleasantly surprised Smiley


From there and onward, the thread grows from 9 pages to the 17 that can be seen today as of this writing, with quite a few more posts from S2Maliken throughout that seem to paint a picture that this is no April Fools Joke (the joke there was there being in any Beta keys at all, I was told a few days ago -- not that Savage 3 was/was not happening!  Another announcement later by Daemon confirmed Savage 3 is true, and not an April Fools), and that S2 Games has taken a very active interest in the Newerth Community to be one of the first places to share their ongoing news and updates as more information is released about the upcoming Savage game.

There was a lot to skim through in the 17 pages, so there may be some additional juicy bits of information still floating around in there if you want to have look -- but overall for a fan community keeping alive Savage all these 10+ years (likely more)... and that S2 Games appears to be returning to remake Savage... and that they have very clearly made the fansite/fan community centered around one of their contact points for sharing new information and updates about the game directly with the community... is quite exciting.  How the next months will unfold, let alone this next year, will be interesting to watch; just to keep tabs on how this all develops between S2 Games and the Newerth community, at the very least!

... and now moving onto news your perhaps more familiar with over the years...
valli wrote:

proudly present

newerth savage league
season seven

Dear Newerth community,

it is once again time for an official Savage tournament season.
Twelve years after the release of Savage we are now entering the seventh season of the Newerth Savage League.

For more information, please follow the links below:

Rules - Roster sign-up - Server Settings - Map Pool - Dispute Process

Signs-up are open as of now! The first tournament round will start on the 18th April 2016

The NSL 7 is here!  Newerth Savage League, Season Seven

 The tradition of the NSL, among the fan/playerbase community for Savage: The Battle for Newerth, continues into it's seventh season over at, and preparations have been made similar to last year's NSL 6, and the previous NSL 5 among those of the Newerth Clans Quorum, made up of representatives from different clans whom have participated in the past seasons, or plan to participate as a new/upcoming clan for the tournament season.  Now, the opening announcement has been made by Valli, one of the organizers for NSL 7 this year, and team sign-ups are now in process.

 Regarding TH' involvement this year in the NSL 7; we will not be submitting a team -- and instead as in previous years, continue a friendly arrangement with Groentjuh from Warrior clan to temporarily play under their banners if any TH' members do want to participate in the NSL 7 for this tournament season.

 While TH' isn't disbanding, nor disbanded (and as the clan leader/administrator at this time, I have no intentions to do so) -- things have just been very quiet for a long while, and quite a lot of that is due to TH' as a clan/community, and Savage, being on the backburner of my mind for the last years or so due to many circumstances.  Not abandoned, but neither is it the right time (yet) to go around recruiting new members, or even actively advertising the clan/community as 'open for business'.  There is a backlog of updates to the website, forums, the clan and community as a whole that haven't been put into action yet -- and still needs to be done so that a number of important decisions about the future direction for TH' made over the years are more properly reflected.  I am still occupied with a number of other things outside of Savage and TH' that have grown in priority over the years, and so things will likely stay quiet for awhile longer, but not indefinitely I hope!  With any luck, when the time is right, you will begin to notice a few small changes happening here and there across the site, increasing as more things fall into place.  That is about all I can roughly promise for now!

 If your popping back around (and still officially a TH' clan member), and want to/wishing to participate in the NSL 7, then head on over to the Warrior clan forums (link), and:

- Create a forum account there (or log into an existing one you own)

- Send a Private Message to either 'Groentjuh' or 'Zeitgeist' for further instructions on getting signed-up

Important Note: Remember that to prove you are a TH' member, you must be able to show me, at anytime, your official red TH' icon for inspection, and that you must actually be listed as an official clan member here on the TH' website/forums.  I have my ways of checking, as does Groentjuh and Warrior clan no doubt.  Make sure you can prove who you are!  If there are suspicious sign-ups claiming to be on behalf of TH' but other things don't match up, you can be sure I'll come investigating.  Likely to check if someone is spoofing/misusing your nickname, or to check that you really are still a registered/official member of our clan division for TH' at all.

 If you have forgotten things like your in-game Savage account (the password or username) for TH', or even your old TH' forum account password/details -- you will have to prove your identity as being an original (and still registered/listed) TH' member likely through a Teamspeak 3 conversation with me over at, or through other means such as Skype or Email (that I should previously have on hand already for some of you).  Be prepared for that if such is the case!

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Re: Savage Resurrection (Savage 3) by S2 Games, and NSL 7 happening!

Post by Avatar on Tue 12 Apr 2016, 3:26 pm

Great to see another forum post! Can't wait for Savage 3 and I hope to see some familiar names on it from the Savage community.
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Saw DieOrFail, Waza and Hunt3r on today which was great to see Very Happy

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Re: Savage Resurrection (Savage 3) by S2 Games, and NSL 7 happening!

Post by Crashday on Mon 18 Apr 2016, 10:19 pm

Thanks for the summary TN Smile
btw if any hunter is interested in joining the nsl, send a message to groentjuh. warrior is still looking for players


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Re: Savage Resurrection (Savage 3) by S2 Games, and NSL 7 happening!

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