Torchlight 1 - Free for limited time (Ends Nov. 30th)

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Torchlight 1 - Free for limited time (Ends Nov. 30th)

Post by TNaismith on Sat 29 Nov 2014, 6:53 am

Hello Hunterz - sorry I got wind of this really late, but the game 'Torchlight 1' is free for a short time -- go to the link below and download the program 'Arc', which is basically like another Steam-like thing.  After that, download/add 'Torchlight 1' before November 30th 2014 and then check your email for an activation code to redeem the game from a trial version to the full version.!

It is a RPG-diablo kind of game with lots of loot, and a gameplay style very similar to Diablo in terms of hack'n'slash gameplay, but the setting isn't as dark/morbid and there is a higher taste of fantasy/lore/cartoony graphics and monsters.

Tell your friends or other clan mates/buddies that might be interested in this game before the free period is over!

Reminder: Ends on Nov. 30th.

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