How to get 100 Certs per hour!

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How to get 100 Certs per hour!

Post by Crashday on Fri 23 Aug 2013, 12:11 am

Hey guys!
I know everybody wants certs. You need them for upgrading your weapons, to buy new weapons, or upgrade your classes. There are several ways how to get those certs very easy in a very short period of time. I consider most of them as exploits. Anyways I usually play about 1 hour of Planetside per day and I usually end up with about 100 certs just by playing the game wisely. Let me explain you how this works. You need to look at the global map and join the continent your faction populates the least. If you do so you get a little bit of free xp boost (yesterday it was about 40%). Then just press "Instant Action" on your map and you usually will be deployed on the same continent. If not, cancel the deploy process and join a local squad and follow them around. When playing you should be aware of your weapon stats. If you get a specific amount of kills you get so called medals. These are:
-Copper medal (reward 2 Cert points): 10 Kills required
-Silver medal (reward 10 Cert points): 50 Kills required since last medal
-Gold medal (reward 20 Cert points): 100 Kills required since last medal
-Auraxium medal (reward 200 Cert points): 1000 Kills required since last medal
These are bonus rewards you get from time to time. Try to get the gold medal on all weapons and then continue with your favorite one to auraxium medal. But I actually didn't count those points to the certs per hour score. Like I said those are just some bonus certs you'll get from time to time if you're playing wisely. The way you get a lot of certs in a very short time is by getting all 5 rewards (ribbons) of a day. 5 times per day you get an additional ribbon reward (750xp = 3certs). The normal ribbon reward is 250xp (1 cert). So 5 times per day you get a total of 1000xp (4 certs) by getting those ribbons. They can be aquired by healing or reviving people, repairing stuff, supplying ammo, killing people, capturing bases, defending bases. Move with the zerg! You don't get xp from running around in abandoned areas.

I actually made a screenshot as proof but Planetside didn't let me capture it. I try it with an image recording software next time Wink

Good luck and have fun getting those certs!


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Re: How to get 100 Certs per hour!

Post by Dino Exp. on Fri 23 Aug 2013, 4:57 am

I know 100 certs is sort of the standard you should get on any continent, but I just can't do it. Most of the time you get a quick bit of action and then you have to run/drive/fly arround for some time to get the next bit. Getting xp purely from capturing abandoned bases is not efficient imo because it is so slow and you usually get bored of it after 30 minutes. The only way to get a constant flow of certs is to do the same thing constantly either it being killing people, healing them, repairing, etc. The ribbons are indeed a pretty nice bonus every day. Smile 


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