Clanwar Over! -- TH vs S-F

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Clanwar Over! -- TH vs S-F

Post by TNaismith on Sun 13 Sep 2009, 4:44 am

Clanwar Over! -- TH vs S-F

The clanwar today is over! Thank you to the following who showed up from TH;

- Valrog (Not yet registered on the new forums)
- Feathers
- TNaismith (Came late in 22nd match

A reschedule has been planned
for Sunday, September 27th, 2009. The time will be 17 GMT, unless it there are problems for either clan with the times.

Thank you for coming out, and hopefully the next rescheduled clanwar will be bigger and even more fun. Please practice your teamwork and communication skills so that in clanwar matches we can move efficiently and effectively as one team.

Until next time,


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