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Tips and tricks!

Post by Crashday on Mon 21 Jan 2013, 6:34 pm

This post will be all about tips and tricks in Planetside 2. Just post any helpful stuff and I'll paste it here. After sone time we should have quite a huge collection!

Tips and tricks collection

Infantery tips and tricks
When aiming for headshots, don't aim exactly at the head. Aim for the very top of the helmet.
Light Assault:
Use your jetpack to fly to inaccessable areas.
Combat Medic:
The Combat Medic's default weapon is much more accurate at longer ranges than the light-assault's or the engineer's weapon.
When holding a turret, press B to convert it into an additional ammo pack.
Heavy Assault:
Your energy shield will lose it's effectiveness when it's nearly at the minimum.
Try to find an ally engineer and ask him to support you on your mission. MAX+Engineer combinations kick-ass!

Vehicle tips and tricks

Aircraft tips and tricks

XP tips and tricks
Deploying a sunderer gets you xp for every player who spawns from it.
Dropping a ammo pack gets you xp for every player walking over it.
Repairing or healing stuff gets you a lot xp.
Overloading or stabilizing geberators gets you a lot xp.

Certification Points tips and tricks
Things you should buy:
AMS upgrade for sunderer (50 cert points). Allows you to deploy a sunderer by pressing B.

Things you shouldn't buy:
Drifter jetpack for light assaults are a waste of cert points.

Station Cash tips and tricks
You can get 170 free station cash just by logging in at the two other games by sony entertainment in your browser.


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