The NSL5 has arrived in 2013!

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The NSL5 has arrived in 2013!

Post by TNaismith on Sat 19 Jan 2013, 3:33 pm

What is the 2013 NSL5?

Shorthand for 'Newerth Savage League', the NSL5 is a tournament/competition hosted by and is one of the most well-known community events around the game "Savage: The Battle for Newerth" player base. This will be the fifth competitive season of the NSL to take place since the game was released in 2003 and later made freeware in 2006. It will also be the first tournament to use the official release of Savage XR 1.0, which arrived out of testing back in September 2012 and is now the latest and most up-to-date client for players to use.

The NSL5 brings together players, clans, and friends from around the planet into the online-gaming action of a long-awaited community event. You can download the game at ( or at (

The official opening announcement for the NSL5 season is (here). The rules and regulations (here). And if your interested in participating, click (here).

The TH' NSL5 Team in the 2013 NSL5

Here at TH', The Hunterz, we will be submitting a clan team from this community to participate. Our team list will include full clan members as well as 'Provisional Members', which are new players or non-clan members who have signed up to play for the TH' NSL5 Team but will only be temporary members of the clan until the event is over. They will share the clan icon, access to our NSL5 private forum and be welcome to team strategy, tactics, practices and discussions for the NSL5.

The most important things for every single member of the TH' NSL5 Team to follow are the values of kindness, respect, friendly spirit, and fun. In addition, teamwork and communication, along with showing compassion, honor, maturity, and contributing to a positive atmosphere to play the game in are all part of the fundamental rules for participating on TH's PUG Cup team.

Those who do not demonstrate a friendly attitude, a positive spirit, or show negative/insulting/flammatory behavior will be punished accordingly. Being friendly and nice is always the better choice, it's just more fun for everyone around (excluding those whom like to be jerks ^^Wink.

If you wish to join our team for the NSL5, you can go (here).

Is there any other information?

If you didn't take a look at some of the links posted above yet, they are listed again below along with other NSL5 links to forums, information, rules, and sign-ups:

2013 NSL5 Announcement at
Official Newerth Savage League (NSL) Forums
2013 NSL5 Rules and Regulations
Clan Signups Forum
Savage XR Download

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