How to join the TH' Team for the NSL5

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How to join the TH' Team for the NSL5

Post by TNaismith on Sat 19 Jan 2013, 2:16 pm

Hello! Are you thinking about joining our team for the NSL5? We are offering Provisional Membership spots on our team, which means you can join us for the NSL5 and receive access to the clan tag, team forums, and our team roster -- but after the NSL5 event is over, your access will be removed. You will be basically be playing with us as a temporary player -- just for the NSL5 season.

We offer this opportunity for new folks who might be interested in experiencing their first big community tournament in Savage, and want to learn more in a casual, but friendship-driven and family-safe environment, which is what we aim for here at TH'. If you are a long-time Savage player then make sure you check out some of the other more serious-competitive clans out there: "NSL5 Clan Sign-ups"

If your already a full clan member of TH' then you can go straight to the private section for the team for more information on getting signed up for the NSL5 team. "Private - Team Section"

Here's some important things you need to know before joining:
Expectations and Requirements:

  • You will be joining as a Provisional Member. Someone only on temporary contract with TH' until the NSL5 season is over.

  • English is our main language and a requirement. If you cannot write or speak well, then you will encounter problems. Consider applying for a different NSL5 team!

  • Checking the forums and staying informed about upcoming match dates, information, and team strategy will be expected of you.

  • We will be communicating through Teamspeak 3 for matches. You can still play without using it, but we will gently hint at how important it is over and over again. ^_^ (We'll take a break from poking you eventually!)

    (Don't be nervous or scared to listen to us or to speak with us on microphone! We work very hard at creating a safe atmosphere that encourages friendly conversation and easy-going teamplay with respect for each other and other people at all times!)

  • Our most important requirement is that you believe in the same reasons for playing as we do: To try hard for victory in matches but to also be friendly folks that enjoy playing in a fun, respectful, and casual atmosphere safe for families and children.

  • You will also be required to accept and sign your name to a Clan Agreement (Public Read-Only version here), and also post your proper sign-up information at the Newerth forums (Here).

Punishment: Players who do not show the attitude(s) or action(s) that we expect and require of members will be warned, and quickly disqualified from the team if inappropriate behavior continues. Members who break the Clan Agreement (here) will also receive similar treatment.

How to Join - Applying for the Team

If this sounds like the kind of team for you, then reply to this thread with the application below:

In-game Nickname:
Account Link:
Are you a New Player?:
Do you agree to follow our Expectations and Requirements?:
Additional Details:

Example Application:
In-game Nickname: TNaismith
Account Link:
Are you a New Player?: No
Do you agree to follow our Expectations and Requirements?: Yes
Additional Details: I've played Savage for a few years and enjoy working on the same team with other friendly players who don't care too much about winning/losing or stats and skills.

Your application will be posted inside the private team section for members to discuss your application and post any brief comments on what they know about you. You will receive an answer between the time you submit your application to the maximum of 24 hours since you applied.


We take our applications a little more seriously than others but we also focus on the quality of our players representing the team. Thanks for your interest, the NSL5 is a competitive event, but we hope to see some great friendly matches!

~ TNaismith

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