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Beginners Guide

Post by Crashday on Thu 30 Aug 2012, 2:13 am

Beginners Guide

This guide will lead you through the beginning process on the BlockHunterz Server. Please read the rules first before you continue!

To join this server add to your serverlist and connect to it. The very first time you join you will be asked to register yourself. Type /register anypasswordyoulike. This password should NOT be the same as the Minecraft account password. For any further connections use /login yourchosenpassword to login to our server. This process has to be done, because we allow players with and without account to play on our server. After you registered you're at the beginners spawn area.

Beginners Spawn Area
It should look like this:

You're asked to answer several questions which should be easy if you have read the rules first. When you finished answering the questions you will continue to the Beginners Island. At this very moment you're member of the group [N] which means newbies.

You won't be able to do anything with this permissions. You will get your permissions on the Beginners Island.

Beginners Island
It should look like this:

The most important building in this area is the information house, which looks like this:

In this house you will get your player permissions. You will be asked to press a button. By pressing this button you agree with all the rules and consequences and therefore will be rewarded with the rank [P] which means players.

After pressing this button you will be able to enter nearly all the buildings in the BlockHunterz Town and are able to start your journey.

BlockHunterz Town
It should look like this:

Here are many different buildings. For example:

Bakery - Free Bread and Cookies!
Blackboard - Leave a sign if you have questions, or ideas
Blacksmith - Craft, smelt and enchant your stuff. Free Tools! Nether Portal on the roof!
Farmer - Free Seeds!
Market - Trade with local villagers!
Portal to Wilderness
Seaside Inn - Set this Inn to your Home Inn by typing /sethome
Vault - Items you leave in an Enderchest are worldwide accessable

Congratulations you successfully completed the process of joining our server. Happy Mining!


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