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Server Rules

Post by Crashday on Thu 30 Aug 2012, 12:58 am

Server Rules

The rules below are taken from a Minecraft Server called "Smokin Minecraft". These rules exactly represent what our BlockHunterz Server is all about. Please read them carefully and leave a comment if you have questions or if you want to add something.

Smokin Minecraft Server Rules wrote:1) No griefing!

This includes intentional damage and "accidents". If you accidentally knock a hole in something then you fix it the way it was. If you don't have the materials then leave a note explaining what happened and replace the materials before you do anything else.

Creeper damage counts as griefing if not repaired! Make sure you put it back exactly as it was when you got there if you get nuked by a creeper.

2) Stay out of each other's way!

Don't build in other people's areas or near other people's stuff. If they're there first then it's their territory. =)

"Helping" them build also counts as griefing and a violation of rule 2. If they don't specifically ask you to do something in a specific way then DON'T DO IT.

3) No glitching!

Don't abuse bugs/glitches in the game that make the game unfair for others and especially not if they cause lag or crashes.

4) No stealing from chests/areas!

This counts crops and tree farms as well. I couldn't imagine somebody caring if you use their mob spawner if they were offline, but don't chop down tree farms, cactus farms or anything that requires time to grow.

5) Don't mine in other people's mines!

If you mine in somebody's mine and find resources, that's time that you're stealing from them and you're adding extra wear and tear on their equipment with no reward for them.

6) No redstone signal repeaters or other redstone circuits that use high server cpu

They cause horrendous lag for SMP servers. We can't afford to have everybody's experience suffer so you can have an automatic snowball dispenser wired to your front door. =)

7) Keep the server tidy!

Don't do things like build random columns straight up into the air and leave them, or leave giant wads of leaves floating in the air because you're too lazy to cut all the wood. If you can build a column into the air then you can certainly break the blocks to get back down, and if you're not willing to cut ALL the wood for a tree (not just the bottom four blocks) then don't break any at all.

If it's enough of a problem then I will find the person responsible and remove their build permissions.

The most important rule is the first one. Remember that most of us spend a lot of time working on our projects and we're quite proud of it, so it's really annoying to find things changed/ruined/removed whether the person responsible did it intentionally or not.


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