The Binding of Isaac

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The Binding of Isaac

Post by Avatar on Sat 23 Jun 2012, 11:39 pm

I have done one of these in a really long time so I thought I would do one today. The Binding of Isaac is a pc game that can be brought on steam for a cheap price of £4 (I think). It is a very time consuming and addictive game to play.

So what is "The Binding of Isaac"?
The Binding of Isaac is an action RPG shooter.

The Binding of Isaac consists of many floors. Each of these floors has multiple rooms which are randomly generated. This means that you will never get the same floor which makes the game more enjoyable. Through out these floors you will receive items that will benefit you greatly when trying to complete the game. There is is over 100 items some being amazing and some being pretty crap. As well has having these items rooms you will get other special rooms on each floor for example Libraries, Shops, Arcades and more that I can't be bothered to say Twisted Evil Somewhere on each floor there is a boss which you fight to progress to later floors which are much more advanced and harder to get through.

If you would like to watch some people play it and get a greater knowledge of the game check these guys out and just go to their videos. I prefer Northernlion but you can watch anyone you want Smile

To buy the game on steam just click the link below.

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Re: The Binding of Isaac

Post by Crashday on Sun 24 Jun 2012, 5:21 am

Haha, I already played this game. It's funny xD


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