Thievery - team-based competetive multiplayer stealing and guarding

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Thievery - team-based competetive multiplayer stealing and guarding

Post by Moon1ight on Thu 26 Jan 2012, 5:18 am

An organized team of Thieves breaks into a complex - exproprating the rich for life. The loot's what matters! If it wasn't for the guards, which are partly human-controlled and partly AI, and both devious, life would actually be easy for a thief in Thievery.
But to counter the mines and watchers of the guards, and to evade their swords and crossbows, the criminals brought a full arsenal of tricks - from water-arrows to douse torches over cameras to look around corners up to arrows disorientating the guards and flashbombs to blind them. If everything fails, there is always the trusty blackjack - send them to sleep, so they won't see how all of value is taken, then escape into the night.

This is a free mod for UT99, the first Unreal Tornament. It was insanely active around 2003, but now there are still some very interesting and helpful people left, since there is nothing on the market to fill the niche.

Here is a channel of gameplay videos, but note that the actual game looks different, since you play in 1st-person mode.

To play, one needs the mod, which can be found here: - this is also the main page of the mod.
Also one needs an instance of UT99, which can be found at places in the internet Very Happy Someone tell me if I can post links to download-sites please, but you can find it, if you look^^ The no-cdpatch to version 436 if available legally on various community-sites,

(eg here:

This seems to be a video, how to get the game completely, but it names a link to meg***loa* which, as you possibly know, has been owned...
Maybe it can still provide useful instructions, when you find another way to aquire the game.

It is a bit troublesome to get this running, but, when you like the concept, very much worth the effort. I managed to run the windows version on linux, which is more improvisation than anything I ever dd with this system Very Happy

If there is anything in this post which could be interpreted as co*y**ght-inf***geme*t then please delete it asap, before they shut us down on it.

If you have quetions about the game, feels free to ask me in skype or whereever you see me sunny

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Re: Thievery - team-based competetive multiplayer stealing and guarding

Post by Lord of Darkness on Wed 08 Feb 2012, 8:58 am

Great Game Very Happy

Lord of Darkness

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