Minecraft 1.8 is going to be released today!

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Minecraft 1.8 is going to be released today!

Post by Crashday on Mon 12 Sep 2011, 8:40 pm

Hey Minecraft fans!

Minecraft 1.8 is going to be released today! I already played the pre-release and it's just epic Very Happy
A list of new features is here

Our server is also going to be updated today. For the next week there will be 2 servers. One for 1.7.3 players and the new 1.8 server. At 1.8 I want to re-organize the server. There will be a whitelist aswell as a new city/wildness system and a map limitation. The old TH World map will still be accessible though.


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Re: Minecraft 1.8 is going to be released today!

Post by JHomme on Mon 12 Sep 2011, 11:59 pm

Can't wait for it, and i also play the pre-release and for me it is quite laggy-.- but hope the 1.8 version wont be as laggy as the pre-release! Smile)


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Re: Minecraft 1.8 is going to be released today!

Post by TNaismith on Tue 13 Sep 2011, 3:51 am

Omgosh! Almost forgot about it! xD Over the last weeks, here is what I know so far about the adventure update 1.8:

- It will be released in two parts, half of the changes from the adventure updates will be in one, the other half, released later

- There will now be a 'hungry bar' that gives you benefits/helps with abilities, but needs to be constantly fueled by eating food (pork, bread, etc)

- You can sprint in the game using the hungry bar (I think), and this sprinting allows you to leap farther, and you can also sprint+attack monsters to push them back

- Killing mobs now gives experience points, and those experience points will count for something, but it may not be a finished feature just yet

- The bow fires a little different now, holding down the right mouse doesn't auto-fire like before, it instead pulls back the bow so you can fire it with more power/farther

- A new mob called the 'Enderman' will be released, and the it is a passive, non-violent mob until you directly look at it with your crosshairs. Once you do that, it will stare at you until you move the crosshairs off, then it will quickly rush to attack you in a very quickly, even using teleportation when it's too far away -- don't look at the enderman with your crosshairs!

- The minecraft world will now include much larger biomes, so deserts will be much bigger, so will be plains, snow-covered areas, etc

- Curving rivers will now be generated naturally with the land

- There will also be deep gorges/ravines that will be naturally generated with the map

- NPC villages will now spawn randomly in the world, they may/may not have NPCs released yet

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Re: Minecraft 1.8 is going to be released today!

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