Minecraft Songs

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Minecraft Songs

Post by Crashday on Mon 22 Aug 2011, 12:15 pm

Check out these funny minecraft songs with awesome animation videos!


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Re: Minecraft Songs

Post by TNaismith on Mon 22 Aug 2011, 5:22 pm

XD I remember hearing Simon speak in that funny 'dwarf' voice during the Minecraft videos, it was very memorable... it isn't something you can forget easily. xD I suppose it was naturally so popular that eventually, and finally, there is an official song with Simon and his dwarven voice at the middle of it all. And he's also got a full-fledged backdrop and army of dwarven actors for the video too. xD

The first video was awesome too. REVENGE ON CREEPERS! WE HATE CREEPERS! Seriously, we should be able to pull epic fighting moves like that in Minecraft when facing creepers. Aye?

... never even heard about these songs before, I thought the main popular ones were like...




...But obviously, musical talent + minecraft is still growing. xD

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