Newerth has upgraded to Teamspeak 3!

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Newerth has upgraded to Teamspeak 3!

Post by TNaismith on Wed 13 Jul 2011, 12:17 pm

Newerth has upgraded to Teamspeak 3!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to update you all on the new, improved Teamspeak 3 server that has upgraded to, at long last! With Teamspeak 3 comes a lot of great new features for clans, and those of us playing video-games! (Like Savage: The Battle for Newerth!). Some of the features include a more proper text-chat system, functioning similar to skype or msn, and allowing conversations between people who have microphones, or don't have microphones... and even those that have microphones but don't want to talk just yet! The sound quality is also much improved -- you will be surprised to find other people's voices and microphones will sound much more clear and easy to understand compared to Teamspeak 2, where lots of confusing conversations was a result of poor audio quality. (People not being able to hear the voices of other teamspeak users properly).

We heartily encourage all of you to download Teamspeak 3 (here) and to join up on Newerth's server to chat, make friends, coordinate tactics, trainings, clanwars, and to have fun!

Newerth Community Website (You can see the list of Teamspeak users on the front page):

In addition, we have updated the TH website to properly display's Teamspeak 3 server as well. It will show you the channels and users currently online... so feel free to join up when you see friends or fellow members of the community online talking!

Give a friendly nod of thanks for Newerth and the admin/staff there for getting Teamspeak 3 working for the community at long last! ^_^b

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