What's this all about?

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What's this all about?

Post by DieOrFail on Mon 27 Jun 2011, 7:14 am

What is Savage: Rebirth? The easiest way to answer that question is to quote the lead developer, biggeruniverse:

biggeruniverse wrote:What is Savage: Rebirth (SR)

So for the last year I have been working on the Savage XR mod of Savage: TBFN and in that time I have accomplished at least some of the goals I set myself to improve a game I've enjoyed so much. But in dealing with the community and some of the other project members I've hit resistance to any major change of balance or code. While I reformulated some of my plans based on that feedback, others I wasn't willing to change.

When project members who had been inactive for 6 months or more became active again and began changing or vetoing what I was working on, I decided it was probably best to just branch the project and let the two (XR and SR) evolve separately. To that end I assembled my (very skilled) team to conquer the lofty goals set out for the project.

Among these goals are:

Completely rewritten render engine that takes advantage of hardware advancements since Savage was first released
Redone unit and prop models
Completely new GUI, both images and code
Rebalancing gameplay
New stats, clans, and authentication (both tracking and management)
More powerful modding and scripting support powered by python
A new map editor written from the ground up
A new cross-platform autoupdater for all supported OSs (Windows, Linux, & Mac)
SR picks up where XR test version(pre-July 2010) left off in terms of code, and improves on or completes many of XR's features. The main goal is to rework Savage enough to attract a "new generation" of players, and hopefully get a game which was never really mainstream out into the limelight.


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