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How to join

Post by TNaismith on Wed 15 Jun 2011, 8:46 pm

Hello! Are you interested in joining the community as an official member of our clan division for Savage: The Battle for Newerth? Please read below and post your application in a new topic in the proper format. Applications that do not follow the correct format will be ignored or asked politely to be fixed up. Thank you for your interest and time!

Things To Know:

Who Are We

The Hunterz, TH, is a community and family of gamers whom enjoy growing an atmosphere of family-friendly people and inclusive fun both to each other, and others that share a similar heart when playing video-games. We encourage friendly fun, and kindness, while asking our members to maintain a professional form of conduct and respect when problems arise, and to work together with others in a positive environment to find, and develop solutions. We encourage positive, continuous community growth and improvement. We also encourage the sharing of good ideas that promote a culture of lasting-friendship, learning, understanding, creativity, positive growth, imagination, kindness, and most of all, friendly fun for everyone in the community and clan. Please look at our "Mission Statement", "About Us", and "Clan Rules". Also remember the "Forum Rules".

English Only

English is mandatory. You can be declined for inadequate english. If you have problems understanding the english language or cannot communicate in english well, then you may find other people misunderstanding what you say. Our community is english-speaking, so make sure you can fit in before deciding to apply.

Forum Activity

Regular activity on the forums and in the community is expected. Posting once a week is enough. We understand real life priorities such as family, education, school, work, career, jobs, and other things are always more important than a videogame community or clan. However, regular activity on the forums is appreciated whenever you can, but don't worry about it too much. If you ever need to take a break for a few days/weeks/months, that is fine. Just be sure to let someone know, preferably an administrator or active community member whom can inform others about your choice to take a break.

~---------Application Form-------------------------------------~
Please copy and paste the below into your application topic and answer appropriately.

    1. In-Game Savage Name. Please provide any other nicknames you go by.

    2. Links to your Stats.

    3. Which servers do you play on most.

    4. Please tell about any previous clans, and which years you were a member.

    5. Teamspeak 2, Teamspeak 3 and IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is strongly encouraged. Are you willing to use it?

    6. Write a few sentences/paragraphs (or even more if you want!) about yourself. Discuss why you want to join the community and clan, as well as anything else about yourself that might seem interesting or helpful for us to know. If you want, you can also include information such as; what do you expect from TH, how do you feel about our community's vision and atmosphere, and what do you expect TH to give you.

    7. The process for joining TH means you have to go through a vote to be accepted into JH (Junior Hunters, our Trial Clan). Then, depending on your attitude/personality, you will then go through a final vote into TH if you pass the first stage. JH votes and TH votes will last up to two weeks each. Do you accept this agreement?

    8. All rules, policies and guidelines must be followed by all TH Members at all time. Violation or failure to follow any of the rules in the clan can result in severe punishment or a ban. By signing your name below, you agree to follow our rules at all times and to accept the consequences if you don't. You also agree to uphold the clan values, vision, goals, and conduct at all times. Type your name below here to show you accept the agreement.

    ~---------Optional Information-------------------------------~
    The following are optional paragraphs and answers you may choose to include in your application, if you feel comfortable. It is not mandatory (but it is very advantageous for an applicant to fill it in... if they want to. ^^). They are suggestions/examples/topics that you can choose to share with us when applying to the clan and community. They may help us to understand you better, and to let you tell us of anything important you wish to say that you didn't already talk about.

    Optional Information 1. If you are interested, you can decide to write another paragraph sharing; how you found the forums/website, how you heard about us, how long have you been playing Savage, how much time daily are you online in-game, and what makes you want to join.

    Optional Information 2. If you are interested, you can also write an extra paragraph telling us a little more about yourself and things you like, for example; what are some of your outside interests, favorite books, music you enjoy, hobbies, other types of videogames you play, interesting quotes, favorite movies, sports you watch, and any pets/animals. If there is anything else here you want to talk about, please feel free to share it!

    Optional Information 3. If you are interested, you can write another paragraph discussing topics like; what previous videogame community/clan experiences have you had, do you have any personal dreams or passions, have you used any strengths/passions/talents for a community (like programming a website, managing a server, moderating forums, organizing events, artist, drawing, writing fictional stories, etc)

Thank you so much for considering to join our community of gamers and friends!

JH Summary:

JH is the first stage of TH. In this clan you are readily accepted and acknowledged as a potential player with an assortment of skills to improve and work on, as well as containing the basic personality and attitude that TH Members look out for later on in the recruiting process.

Staying in JH is indefinite, meaning that once you are accepted into JH, you can stay as long as you want, with higher chances of being recruited into TH the longer you stay. You can be kicked at any time for bad behavior, insulting, or if you prove to us you are a jerk.

If you leave/get kicked from JH for whatever reason, you will need to re-apply fully if you wish to join TH again.

  • JH (Junior Hunterz) are apart of the Clan (The Hunterz). They however are NOT apart of the regular TH family. They are like the Trial-Clan of TH.
Two-Weeks Voting Policy

All applications will receive two weeks to be voted on to be accepted into JH (our trial clan), and another two weeks for the final TH vote. After each two weeks of voting, we will notify you in your topic whether you were declined, or accepted. If it has been two weeks since the last update to your apply, post a message in your topic or contact an administrator.

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