Survival Island Event

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Survival Island Event

Post by Crashday on Thu 26 May 2011, 12:45 am

Survival Island - Minecraft Event

Hey hunterz!
On saturday the 28th May at 18gmt a minecraft event will take place! Survival island is a special map with special quests. The adventurers start their trip on a lonely island. the goal is simple: survive and finish the quests Smile
If you're new to minecraft just connect to hermys ts3 server and we will help you out!

Minecraft server: Information on ts3
If you need information about hermy's ts3 server or about ts3 generally click here!
Map: Survival Island
Date: 28.05.2011
Time: 18gmt
Duration: About 2 hours
There will be several survival island events until we finished all the quests :p

Further information about this map and the map rules:

Map preview:

Yogscast (Simon an Lewis) playing on this map:

I'm already really looking forward to it! =)

Full demo of last event: Download


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