Who was Th3 Hunt3r ?

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Who was Th3 Hunt3r ?

Post by Epic Blood on Wed 23 Mar 2011, 9:02 pm

I never really got to know Th3 Hunt3r since he left before I applied.
So accually I just wondered, who was Th3 Hunt3r?

-What kind of guy was he?
-Was he nice, in what way?
-How he was the clanleader, how he got all of you to love him?

I was on G&G this morning, and Sun | Thrill said he wasn't polite to him 1 year ago; "He couldn't have a polite conversation with me."

This made me think (even though I'm sure this is not the case, Hunt3r being rude), who was this clanleader? Very Happy

I would love if you guys replied to me, and I am hoping to et to talk to you guys on TS about him, ok?

-Peace, the bloody epic xD
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Re: Who was Th3 Hunt3r ?

Post by Corn King on Wed 23 Mar 2011, 11:22 pm

For me, Hunty is a nice person.His a bit noob but its funny and friendly.

But other members can explain you better.

PS: I don't know if Thrill is the best example of "polite" Wink
Corn King

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