Dr. Davidicus Wong: Give more than you get

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Dr. Davidicus Wong: Give more than you get

Post by TNaismith on Tue 15 Feb 2011, 9:56 pm

My mom sends me weekly articles written by a man named Dr. Davidicus Wong. She found his articles on the internet and since then has forwarded them onto me and my sister every week.

His articles talk about different life lessons, as well as sharing his experiences/thoughts on keeping a healthy life, making life meaningful, how to nurture positive relationships, some ways to deal with emotional problems, and how to overall appreciate life each day.

I find his writings very inspiring, and they definitely are one of the things I use to remind myself what is important in life, and how to make it meaningful for myself, as well as others -- in a positive way. I share them with you in hopes maybe a few of you might also enjoy reading them.

I'll do my best to post them each week, and I'll try to post older ones too if I can. All credits and ownership go to Dr. Davidicus Wong. I do not take any credits or ownership for what he has written, I am just sharing it with my fellow friends here in the The Hunterz community. ^.^

Notes about this article: It's been awhile since I've posted one of Dr. Davidicus Wong's articles, and I know it's a long read, and especially since reading so much text on this forum-related background can be very boring on the eyes... but it's a good article to read through. Where could the world be if... if maybe we mastered how to give without expecting? =) Take a read and see for yourself!

Give more than you get

By Dr. Davidicus Wong February 9, 2011

Whenever I've felt sorry for myself, thought that life was unfair or, feeling underappreciated, decided I was giving too much of myself to others, I slap myself and ask, "What were you expecting?"

You could consume your life with complaining. Looking at the cup half-full, you notice that it's also dirty and chipped. You could even complain about the taste of the water in that lousy half-filled cup.

You could fill your conscious thoughts with a running commentary on all that's wrong with everyone else and everything you see. But where will that leave you? Anxious, angry or sad, and blind to the good things in life - the friendly, familiar smile in the crowd, a call from your best friend, the giggles of a child, green lights and smooth sections along the bumpy road of life.

I start each day with a prayer of thanks, and, with an attitude of gratitude, I look for the good throughout the day. I seek the beauty that I might otherwise overlook in an ordinary day. I see it in my home and my neighbourhood, on the way to work, in my wife and children, my patients and friends.

And I look for opportunities to make the world a little better and a little happier each day.
Expectations can disappoint you.

When life is sailing smoothly, we can take it for granted and expect nothing to change, but when the wind changes and storms ensue, we're blown away. When we work hard and expect what we deserve but don't get it, we feel miserable. When we get sick, have accidents and run into a trend of bad luck, we protest the unfairness of it all.

If life is a game where the object is to get ahead and get as much as we want, we are all ultimate losers. We will lose all the money we earn and all the things we buy, and we will lose all that we love, because we will someday die.

Change your expectations; change your life.

My mom taught me the secret to a meaningful life: give more than you get.

She committed herself to her family, friends and community. She seized every opportunity to make the world better for others through her volunteer work, through thoughtful gifts and cards, comforting words, a helping hand, and countless acts of kindness.

This was her secret to happiness: not to hoard the good things in life or hope for a perfect world, but to give the good from your own heart to make this a better world for others.

Since Feb. 1, I've been sharing the insights I've learned from my patients, friends and family in A Hundred Days to Happiness. Each day, I'm posting one new insight on facebook.com/davidicus.wong, twitter.com/DrDavidicusWong and my blog at davidicuswong.wordpress.com.

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Re: Dr. Davidicus Wong: Give more than you get

Post by Rumo on Wed 16 Feb 2011, 3:59 am

"I seek the beauty that I might otherwise overlook in an ordinary day."
Reminds me of a conversation we once had =)

A nice text, very thoughtful, though it isn't easy to understand for non-native speakers.
I agree with him that we should be thankful for what we have and not always complain about things we don't have.
But change your expectations? I like my expectations, in my opinion expectations are connected to hope.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

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