TH' Announcement

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TH' Announcement

Post by TNaismith on Sun 26 Dec 2010, 3:56 am

Hello everyone!

For those that celebrate christmas, a very merry day to you... and for those that don't celebrate it, you are still more than welcome to join in the festive atmosphere and season of kindness you may see happening around you. ^.^

[1]... This week's clan practices are canceled.
That means today, and tomorrow, there will be no clan practices. You can still play savage of course and have some fun on public servers, but there will be no official practices happening on the Olderth Matches II server like in previous weeks. Whether your celebrating christmas or not -- take the time this weekend to talk with your family, and show kindness to people you love.

[2]... New Leadership
Hunt3r, the father of TH', has moved to Bucharest, one of the main bustling centers of activity in Romania. He has decided to start working and to begin looking after important concepts such as paying rent, gas bills, groceries, and important things that only become obvious after each of us moves out from living with our parents. With this change in his life, Hunt3r has also decided to officially pass on the leadership of the TH' community -- although Hunt3r will always be welcome to return to his home here at TH' anytime he chooses -- and he has already continued to make several visits despite his busy work life in the city! It is always great to see you, Hunt3r.

We have also promoted community members Tushaar, Corn King, DieOrFail, and Rumo to become administrators. As for myself, I'm just the smelly chiprel that Hunt3r tossed out the door to be food for gerkats... that is, from now on, the job Hunt3r had of keeping all of you miserable oschores in line is now passed onto me. I look forward to working with each of you as the new smelly chiprel clan leader of TH', and of the growing community/family we have here.

[3]... The Future. TH' is about being positive, friendly, fun and kind-hearted gamers.
From now on, TH' is officially about becoming a home for gamers whom share an interest in building a positive and friendly community of video-gamers. Imagine a network of players from all over the world whom play video-games and pc games, whom socialize and chat about life, music, hobbies, interests, passions, and most importantly, a network of gamers whom demonstrate a welcoming kindness, friendship, and being nice while playing whichever games they play. From now on, until the time comes that I am removed or resign, this is the new focus the community will be taking.

We will officially no longer be interested in just being 'a competitive clan' that cares about uber-elite-skills, or about winning 100% of all the matches we play, and we will not give a chiprel's arse about 'being the best clan' in statistics or competition. In fact, I hate the word 'competition', 'winning', 'statistics' and 'skills', in the sense that some people think those are the most important things playing a game is about.

I disagree with people that believe playing video-games/pc games/multiplayer games is only about being 'winning' or getting the 'best skills' in terms of statistics and competitive context. Instead, I believe video-games, and clans/communities about video-games, can be about having fun while being nice and friendly to others. I believe video-games can be a way for people to meet together and to change the world in a positive way, by doing positive things and being friendly, nice people.

In the next weeks, and months (and hopefully years), there will now always be new updates to the website, the forums, and the community in order to reflect the visions and goals of being one of the most continually-improving, friendly, fun, creative, and positive video-gaming homes in the world! =) We encourage creative ideas and positive suggestions that will help us to continue becoming an even bigger and better community to call home.

Final Message

Please have a very merry christmas, a great holiday, and a wonderful new year!

I cannot predict the future of TH', and I cannot promise if we will end up ruling the world of chiprels by next week... but I can promise to you that as long as oschores never form an alliance with behemoths, I will continue to follow my dream of building a passionate, kind-hearted, imaginative, respectful, friendly, creative, and fun community of video-gamers for anyone with similar interests to join and call home.

To those interested in joining this epic journey, let us see how far we can go.
~ TNaismith

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Re: TH' Announcement

Post by Rumo on Sun 26 Dec 2010, 7:14 am

Such a nice post =)
That's a good way to sum up the passed year with its most important decisions (Clanleadership etc.).


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Re: TH' Announcement

Post by Corn King on Sun 26 Dec 2010, 12:26 pm

<3 TH'

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Re: TH' Announcement

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