My first XNA-Game!

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My first XNA-Game!

Post by Crashday on Sun 28 Nov 2010, 6:35 am

Hey Hunterz!

I wanna present you my first XNA-Game! It's not finished yet but I'll report you all changes each week!
Up to now I'm only in the "testing things out"-phase because I've never programmed C# before but the results are great! If anyone looks at the sourcecode then pls don't flame me! You will probably not understand it because it's not object-oriented but I'll perhaps have to reprogram mygame so just wait Wink

I hope you won't have any problems with installing my game, else write a comment!
You can steer the red ship with your arrow keys and you can shoot with space.
The blue ship can only be rotated by mouse. It can't move (It should be a mothership or sth)
The blue ship can shoot with left click.

At now the ships can't harm each other. I'll program that soon...

Here a preview:

And here my actual version with source code:

If you have problems with the installation then try this one (worked also on TN's pc Wink):

Install the game by starting the setup.exe!

Mac- and Linux-Users have to wait until I figured out how to get this game running on an other os than Windows...


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