whitewater and transsyl -- Maps by Faun

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whitewater and transsyl -- Maps by Faun

Post by TNaismith on Wed 27 Oct 2010, 6:55 pm

Hey there fellow TH',

I was was looking at newerth.com and there was a topic that caught my attention.


There is a player named 'Faun' in the community, and he has apparently made a few maps that have some great scenery, as well as some decent gameplay, according to what some people have posted.

Some comments about his map whitewater sounded pretty good in terms of scenery and design, so I'll be downloading the map soon and I'll be checking to see if there are any nice screenshots to take of the map. =)

Also, one of the more recent maps Faun has made is called 'transsyl', he made a post about it back in August, but he also uploaded some screenshots:

If that is his style of work, I definitely am going to try downloading a few of the maps and seeing just how good they are in terms of scenery and such. Just thought I'd let you guys know. ^.^

<--- Loves maps with nice scenery to take screenshots of. =D

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Re: whitewater and transsyl -- Maps by Faun

Post by DieOrFail on Thu 28 Oct 2010, 3:36 am

Ha, your post will make him proud! I think I know him a bit better than you (IRC ftw Razz), and he is a really nice and friendly person, and his maps are just great!

We hunted us on xr_epicforest, and this is the perfect map for "The Hunterz"! Dark, you can hardly see you opponent, sensors and Sixth Sense are a must-have.
Don't know about regular matches, but it was really great to hunt each other Smile

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