Savage XR: Extreme Fragging (by drk)

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Savage XR: Extreme Fragging (by drk)

Post by TNaismith on Sun 17 Oct 2010, 9:57 am

Check the comments posted for the video, and you can read what other people think about the video here as well (from

The fragging clips themselves aren't what caught my attention most, it was the introduction and ending to the video that was really awesome. The beginning makes you feel like your watching...well pretty much a real movie of some sort. And the ending credits to the video were really sleek and reminds me of videos made by professional gaming websites and such. Those are my thoughts at least.

Some great video effects and techniques to keep in mind there for any aspiring video-maker here in the TH Community. Wink

Check the comments out on the video and be sure to visit the topic here to add your own opinions!

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