2010 09-13 Savage Community Updates

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2010 09-13 Savage Community Updates

Post by TNaismith on Wed 15 Sep 2010, 4:52 pm

2010 09-13 Savage Community Updates

Been a long month or so since we've had any real news eh? Smile Well here are some things to be excited about!

Active Savage Players Association (hear ye hear ye)

Straight from the Newerth.com forums, pizlo has announced a new opportunity to have some weekly Savage fun for those of you that like to play some more serious competitive games -- and are tired of a lot of the public matches where things aren't as 'teamwork-structured' as it should be. Read below for more details, or go to the link above to read the original topic. I'm sure quite a few of you will be interested in this. =)

pizlo wrote:
Hi all, pizlo here, I'll be concise about this. If you play savage or if your inactive, but you like to play organized and competitive matches you're as sad as me that the pug cup fell through. The reality of savage these days is clans will not work. ever. So what I propose is that every Sunday at 8 EST anyone who wants to play a good match shows up. no clans, no scheduling, no drama, no pressure, no forums, nothing but a good game of competitive savage every week. All skill levels welcome, If one week we have a 4 v 4 match with a bunch of nubs, so be it, if the next we have a 20 v 20 with good players thats cool too. I don't care about that. Games will be played pug style, bring some friends or clannies and a comm and play together.

Screw rules, play it like a real match, we're mature enough for this. It starts at 8 goes till whenever the last people leave, Don't come to spec, don't come to complain, don't come to talk more than play. Bring your friends, spread the word and have fun. First one is this sunday, no need to post here if you want to come. Cheers, pizlo

The Promotional Savage Video

Do you know HurlyBurly, a youtube user with videos about Savage: The Battle for Newerth? (
https://www.youtube.com/user/HurlyBurly3027) Would you know the name 'Tirza', instead? (The latter is the name she goes by in-game for Savage: The Battle for Newerth). Well she has just announced the interest to create a Promotional Savage Video. While there are videos that are made by fans to promote the game already published, this one aims to have community feedback, ideas, and participation (for filming scenes) from the Savage community itself. Visit the topic link above and stay on top of the news about it -- if you've got some video ideas, or want to help be actors for helping film the video (if they ask for volunteers), keeping up-to-date with the project will be a great way to get the first opportunities to help!

Clan-Community Updates

As of September 14th 2010, I went through the memberlist for the red TH icons as well as the JH trial icons. A massive clean-up of the list has been done, with lots of accounts deleted if they aren't on the official clan member list (url=http://thehunterz.forums1.net/clan-rules-and-information-f4/clan-member-list-t41.htm]here[/url]). If you need the icon, contact me via the forums, or in-game. (I check the forums almost everyday. ^^)

Lastly, there are some forum and website improvements that are almost finished. Along with that DieOrFail, Rumo, and a few others from the Savage Community have been working on a little IRC chat mod that allows you to talk from in-game Savage, from the clan forums, and from 3rd party IRC clients like Chatzilla, mIRC, HydraIRC, and etc. A lot of hard work, researching, and testing has been put into the mod, so many thanks to everyone that has helped. =) A new link will be posted soon with download links and information. Smile

Enjoy your week!
~ TNaismith

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Re: 2010 09-13 Savage Community Updates

Post by DieOrFail on Wed 15 Sep 2010, 11:02 pm

It's great that you saw the Promotional Video thread, too, TN!
I think I'll keep you updated about this video, when they need our help, when they'll start recording and so on.

And it's good to hear that you deleted a lot of 'fake' or 'old' TH users! Thanks.

To the IRC thing: It's one of the greatest things ever made, but you'll see it in a few days/weeks.

Special thanks to BEARD!, he's the one who made it possible, and to Rumo, who helped us testing the whole stuff. Wait for TN's link and information, and you'll see how great this little thing is Smile

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