Updated Forum Rules -- Inappropriate Content

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Updated Forum Rules -- Inappropriate Content

Post by TNaismith on Fri 25 Jun 2010, 7:46 pm

Updated Forum Rules -- Inappropriate Content

It has come to the attention that incidents regarding sexual, erotic, or mature subject matter have been posted on these community forums. A reminder that this is a public internet space, as well as a home for many people of different ages, cultures, countries, and personality. Discussion of sexual, erotic, or mature subject matter are not tolerated here, and if you want to talk about it, then go somewhere else, but the TH forums are not a place for you to do it. Keep those thoughts to yourself or don't say them at all.

As of this update, any posts, topics, or discussions that violate these community expectations will be removed, warned, or deleted on sight, without any prior warnings.


#3. Behave maturely and use common sense.

There is a time and place to have fun. There is a time and place to laugh and share dirty jokes. Spamming the chatbox with illegal material will quickly earn you the right to be banned. Posting five times in a row yelling at another player will not get your point across; it will simply get you ignored. Use your head when posting, and don't do something you know may get you into trouble. We are willing to be very lenient on these rules, but don't try to push any boundaries. You will be removed and kicked from the community if you give us a reason to.
  • No pornography or sex-related content
  • No erotic, sex-related, or sexuality-related content of any kind
  • Keep discussions clean and dirty jokes inside your head
  • No racism, or hate posts
  • Keep all discussions suitable for children and minors
  • Keep spam to as low as possible

Thank you for your cooperation. =) We want this place to be a safe and appropriate place to communicate and form positive experiences.

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